Operation involving the colon

Operations involving the colon

Operations involving the colon usually entail removing part of the colon and then joining the remaining bowel back together.  These operations can be performed either by Laparoscopic surgery or by open surgery depending on the requirements of the operation and the condition of the patient.

Bowel operations are often described related to the part of the bowel that is to be removed so for an operation to remove the right half of the colon is called a Right Hemi-colectomy

This operation might be perfomed by either open or laparoscopic surgery.

Operations on the left colon and the sigmoid colon are named in a similar way.  Operations on the rectum where the bowel is joined back together again is called an "anterior resection" because it is performed from the front of the abdomen.  An operation to remove the whole rectum and anus is called an Abdominoperineal (AP) resection because it is perfomed both from the abdomen and also from the perineum.  

Very small very early rectal cancers may be removed without major surgery by using the TAMIS techinque.  Only a small porportion of cancers are suitable for this approach.

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