RIght Hemi Colectomy

Right Hemi Colectomy

The right hemicolectomy is usually performed for diseases which involve the very end of the small bowel  (the terminal ileum) or the beginning of the large bowel.  

This operation is usually performed by laparoscopic surgery which involves placing a television camera through the umbilicus and the instertion of a number of smaller instruments through the abdominal wall to do the surgery.  

Once the bowel has been released from its attatchments within the abdomen it is brought out through a small (5cm) incision again usually at the umbilicus.  The bowel can then be divided and the specimen removed.

If the operation is being done to remove a cancer then the bowel will normally be joined back together at the end of the operation.  This join is called an anastomosis.  The anastomosis may be perfomed by stitching or by stapling depending on the exact circumstances of the surgery.

After the operation

Following colonic surgery the most important thing is to ensure that the bowel works normally and that the join does not leak.  Unfortunately despite every effort to ensure that the bowel does not leak following surery in some patients this can occur.  Leaks usually occur on the 7th to 10th day after the operation.  Leaks become eviident because the patients pain suddenly gets worse instead of better.  and their bowel stop working.  A leak is usually detected by CT scanning and my require a further operation to repair the damage and remove any soiling from inside the abdomen.  Leakage after an operatoin is the most one of the most serious complications of surgery.



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