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Prior to colonosocpy the colon must be completely clear of faecal material. This is achieved by using a "Bowel Prep". This is a very strong laxative which works very quickly to completley clean out the colon. There are a number of such prepartions all of which are quite unpleasant to take but which we know will work well. Liz Miles (manager at the East Preston Clinic) will be happy to disucss which bowel prep you should use and if you have had one before that suited you she will arrange for you to have this again. Bowel preps generally fall into one of three catagories, hyperosmotic solutions, purgatives and volume washout type of prep

Hyperosmotic prep (Fleet)

Hyperosmotic solutions are a low volume sloution which you drink and then follow on with a larger volume of clear fluids of your choice. The fluids have a very strong chemical flavour which some people find difficult to swallow but the standard of prep achieved is very high and because of this we tend to recommend this type of prep. We tend to use a preparation called Fleet. You can find out more about this type of prep by clicking on the word Fleet

Purgatives (Bisacodyl)

Purgatives work by stimulating the bowel to work harder and faster than usual. Purgative perparation is in tablet form and is taken over two days during which you have a very restricted diet of fluids only. The content of the bowel is expelled and eventually only a very small amout of fluid and soft stool is left behind this is then cleared by using a stimulant suppository on the day of the examination. Some patients find ths type of prep suits them because they find it easy to take a tablet rather than having to drink large volumes of fluid. We generally find Bisacodyl gives a good prep althought the down side is that you have a fluid only diet for two days

Volume washout (Moviprep)

Volume washout involves drinking a larger volume of fluid which, because of the chemicals that it contains then moves through the colon and passes out through the rectum Generally speaking the same volume will come out as went in. This gives a very gentle prep but some patients find drinking the liquid makes them feel sick.  Moviprep is the most commonly used volume prep and you can find out more by clicking on the word Moviprep.

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