Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

The laparoscopic inguinal hernai repair involves placing a mesh on the inside surface of the muscular wall of the abdomen.  This is done by creating a small "cave" behind the groins which is blown up like a small balloon.  Once this has been done a television camera and two micro instruments inserted into this space used to bring the hernia back into the abdomen.  Once the hernia has been reduced a shaped mesh patch is inserted.

The defect in the abdominal wall is then covered by a shaped mesh patch.  This is held in place by two soluable tacks. 

At the end of the operation the skin wounds are closed and sealed with glue.

The repair is strong as soon as the operation is over and you can get up and walk around without any risk of the hernia coming back. The skin glue means that you can shower after your operation.

Somtimes after hernia surgery older men can have a porblem passing their water. If this is the case a catheter can be fitted so that you can go home, this removed again a week later.

I advise patients to have at least 20 minutes walking twice in the first post opeartive day and if they play golf to go to the driving range and swing a five Iron at some practice balls on the 5th post operative day.

You will be reviewed at the East Preston Clinic six weeks after your operation however you can call for advice at any time.



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