Screening for Colon Cancer at the East Preston Clinic

Screening is an important way of reducing your personal risk of developing colon cancer.  Whilst the current NHS scheme offers a moderate reduction in risk, the National Cancer institute in America has completed extensive research to develop a system which gives more than 4 times greater reduction in cancer risk.  This involves and annual stool check and a complete colonoscopy at 50, 60 and 70 with flexible sigmoidoscopy in the interveaning years.  This regimen starts at 50 and continues to 75.  There is some evidence that starting screening even earlier at age, 40, and carrying on into later life may also be of benefit but these benefits are smaller.  

Screening relies on annual stool checks for blood, regular colonoscopy every 10 years with flexible sigmoidosocpy in the interveaning period.  If the Feacal Occult Blood test is positive on any occasion then a complete colonoscopy would be undertaken. 

The East Preston Clinic Screening Schedule

Screeing investigation Frequency Where Cost
Colonoscopy  Every 10 years starting at 50 Endoscopy suite £2000
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Every 3rd year except when having a colonscopy Endoscopy suite £1300

Faecal Occult Blood test Haemocult ICT

Annually At home £70

Once enrolled in our screening program we will automatically send you your test kits and report the results to you.  We will also remind you when your investigations are due to arrange for you to recieve all of the information and preparation that you require for your visit.

Whilst this intensive screening provides the maximum reduction in risk a single colonoscopy at any age  between 50 and 75 provides a very significant reduction in the lifetime risk of developing colon cancer.

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